Activities in Halifax

Today we did not do that much as a group. In the morning we went to Pier 21 to have a lecture and film about the Canadian immigration through the early years. It was informative but not something I was particularly interested in.

Afterwards, we wandered around in the gift shop and then walked down the boardwalk to meet the tour diretor at a nearby restaurant called the “Bicycle Thief”. I stopped at the farmer’s market – there is not much there during the week but I did find a few gifts I could buy for my family. This was the day that the the tall ships would leave Halifax. They were heading toward the south and we would meet some of them in Lunenburg. So as I walked to the restaurant there were tons of people looking out on the harbor at the ships. The ships looked great with their sails whipping in the wind. I finally made it to where we would eat. It was a festive occasion with people waving their flags and ships setting off their cannons. Every once in a while there would be a loud boom and everyone would jump. We ordered lunch and whenever a ship went by two of us jumped up to take a pictureI. I got quite a few photos and had an ok lunch in-between. We said good by after that. I went back to the Farmer’s Market as I hadn’t had time to really look around. Peggy and I walked back as she had left her car at Pier 21.

Ship heading for Lunenburg



I enjoyed myself as I meandered the boardwalk looking in all the little shops. I saw an elderly lady in one of those mobile scooters. She was playing Celtic music on a CD and then playing the spoons in time to the music. I asked if I could take a photo. I got her address so I could send her a copy. I made my way back to the hotel and along the way found a sushi restaurant. Thought I would eat there in the evening. I went back to the hotel and fooled around with my photos – uploading them to my computer. Then I went to eat in the sushi restaurant. I was surprised by the prices – so much cheaper than San Diego.Twelve pieces plus salad and spring roll was only $8.50. On the way back to the hotel I passed a candy shop – you get a bag and put in whatever you want. Needless to say, I ate it all before I got back to the hotel. It probably gave me more energy than I needed because I stayed up very late writing this blog and playing a word game on my ipad.

I had to get up early the next day as I had all my packing to do and I wanted to eat breakfast before we left to go to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg. That day in the morning I had a talk with Peggy. It wasn’t clear which meals were paid for and which weren’t. All the breakfasts were to be paid for but then you had to give them your room number and they applied the cost to your bill. So evidently, she comes to pay the hotel bills and then takes off any costs of the breakfast. I missed breakfast twice. There was a $12 and a $17 buffet so I wasn’t sure which one we should order. These are the things that should be made clear.In Lunenburg, the breakfast is also included. I’ll be sure to eat since it is already paid for by the tour cost.

When we met the first day, she gave us an itinerary but nothing was made clear and then she said everything could change. She talks a lot about her upcoming trips and the other two ladies are all enthusiastic but I just keep quiet.

I am still a day behind and too tired to write more but will do so tomorrow.

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