First day in Lunenburg

It was bright and beautiful this morning.  I went down to the breakfast room and the two ladies were there already.  There was a menu plus a small buffet. It was very nice.  I sat with the two ladies and we talked about what we did last night.  Then the conversation turned to their jobs and some pretty descriptive details which was a little much to listen to while I was eating.  The lady from Missouri  was talking so loud and even when she went to get food from the buffet she would talk to us across the room.  The other people sitting there kept looking at us. I left as soon as I could.

This morning we were meeting a walking tour guide.  I was looking forward to learning more about the town and its history.  The guide was very good and gave us a lot of interesting information.

We saw this Victorian house along the way.

We ended up on a hilltop where the school is located.  The school was closed down this past year.  It was called the Academy and is a huge victorian building.  The town is trying to decide how to utilize it now.  The cemetery is right behind the school.  Kind of strange to have a school and the town cemetery so close to each other. The tour ended here and so the other two ladies went to explore the cemetery and I went to get some photos of the building.

The Academy

I walked back toward the shopping area.  I happened upon an orange cat who came to greet me and did a series of acrobatics trying to get his photo taken.  I was happy to oblige!


I had a good time exploring the shops and talking to the sales people and some times speaking to the artists in the galleries.

Cute little dog hanging out with his store owner

I started to go down to the harbor but then decided to take a walk to the distillery where they made whiskey and rum products. I got some interesting photos but didn’t get any samples to try.  There were quite a few people and I didn’t want to sample if I wasn’t going to buy. I walked down to see where they were building the Blue Nose Schooner 11 and took a picture, though you could only see half of it.


I checked out the grocery store – not much different than US  grocery stores.  They don’t seem to be into many health or organic products – most coffee shops didn’t have any soy or almond milk. It is certainly a seafood country – I have never seen so many seafood restaurants.  I shouldn’t be surprised since fishing is the main industry and has been for 200 years.

I finally returned to the hotel.  I had been walking since 9am and it was 3pm.  I deserved a rest.  We were meeting the director downstairs and going out to eat and then going to a concert which was part of the Boxwood Summer festival.  I dressed up a bit and went downstairs and joined the other ladies in the sitting room.  They were having drinks.  The lady from Boston was  buying everyone a drink so we sat and waited for the director.  She finally arrived and said we would be eating at the hotel restaurant since they were having seafood specials.  So that was fine with everyone.  When we finished dinner, it was time to walk to the Zion church to see the concert.  It was a huge church with the seats going across the church rather than the usual way.  The first singer was a tenor from Germany and he sang several songs  – all in German, Then there was a harpist and Scottish singer.  She had a nice sweet sounding voice.  So far the music had been rather staid and a bit boring.  Finally, they introduced a husband and wife from South Carolina – they played Appalachian and blue grass music on the banjo.  They were a bit more lively. I expected some real Scottish jigs and reel music so was a bit disappointed.   It was 10pm when it was over so we walked back to the hotel and I went to bed.



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