The Last Days – Thursday and Friday

Thursday we had to get up early to eat breakfast and then meet the director in the hotel.  We were going to the farmer’s market and then on a hike to Gaff Point.  It was overcast with no sun in sight.  We got to the farmer’s market and the director said 15 minutes.  I always like to go to farmer’s markets.  It was interesting to see what they were selling.  I took a few photos and then went to wait for the others.  15 minutes lasted for 30 at least until everyone was ready to go. The director and I had a few words at breakfast because I wanted to know about what time we would return.  I needed to get to the bank before it closed.  She was all put out because she didn’t have a time schedule and said that it all depended on everybody and what they wanted to do on the hike.  I just ignored her and didn’t say any more.  The way she talked you would think there was something fantastic to see at Gaff Point.  We finally got to the beach.  The other ladies had to go to the bathroom so I walked along.  The director was already far ahead.  As I walked down on the beach, this man asked me to take a photo of him and his family.  I guess he saw my camera and knew I could take a picture.  He was very nice and asked if I wanted to get into a picture, he would take one for me.


IMG_7572I noticed the others were coming so I said good by and hurried on to catch up.  It was a nice beach but no shells – just rocks.  I finally caught up and so did the others.  We started to walk through this woods – all the trees were covered in moss and looked half dead.  We walked for miles over broken branches, mud and side stepping water holes.  Some other people joined us.  I really couldn’t stop to take photos as they were going so fast.  I am not much of a hiker so was really hoping that we were going to come out and see some beautiful scene. We finally came out to the clearing to look upon the water and that is all it was – water and an island far in the distance.


I didn’t even take a photo because there was nothing interesting about the view.  I said, “Too bad the sun wasn’t out” and the director made a face and acted upset because I wasn’t excited about it.  We walked on and saw mounds of shale and where people had built towers of stone and shale.  She wanted us to build one too.  I built a teeny one for Greyson, my grandson.

Tribute to my grandson, Greyson
Thistle along the shore
Sand dollar shell

Then the lady from Missouri got a cell phone call and spent the rest of the time on the phone.  The director was so mad because she said it ruined the mood.  I didn’t give a darn and either did the other lady.  We finally started to return and left her talking.  We had to wait for her at the entrance of the woods. She finally caught up with us and we had thought it was something serious but it was just ATT calling about her roaming bill.  She must have talked for 30 minutes. All in all the hike was 7 km.

We arrived back in town and then we were suppose to get the boat to go whale watching.  Just before we got out of the car, she said this was an option and that it would cost us $50.  Up to now, we all thought it was included because there was nothing to say it wasn’t.  I said I wasn’t going.  So the others went and I went back to the hotel and then out to lunch, to the bank and then did a bit of shopping – I was just happy to be on my own.

In the evening,  we were all to meet at the hotel and walk over for our last dinner at the Magnolia. It was a teeny place that looked like a diner.  There were a lot of people and it was hot inside.  We sat in a booth. There were no vegetarian choices so I ate fish cakes.  I didn’t like them at all – they were mushy and just did not have a good flavor.  The ladies all had two rounds of wine and with that proceeded to act totally crazy.  Everyone was staring because they were so loud and silly.  I felt so uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was to get the hell out of Dodge!  It lasted far too long and then we shared two desserts – a key lime pie and some peanut butter chocolate mousse.  I had two bites and the others gobbled up the rest!  I was so glad when it was time to leave.  Then they wanted to see my photos so we went back and I showed them my Venice photos on my iPad.  I also showed them a few from the trip that I had edited.  The director wanted some Venice photos to put on her blog as she is taking some people to Venice. I never really answered her or said yes or no.   Finally , everyone went to bed.

Friday was the last day. The lady from Missouri had to be at the airport early so the director’s husband was taking her.  The lady from Maryland had to be at the airport by 3pm and then I was staying near the airport in a B&B and would leave the next morning on a 5:40 am flight. When I woke up, it was rainy and foggy.  I had a very nice breakfast alone. and then finished packing.  I had taken the whole evening before to pack but was ready when the director came to get us at 11am.  She took us out on the peninsula so I could get some photos.  It was starting to rain quite a bit but I think I did get some neat photos of little fishing huts, boats and herons and this yellow seaweed. We stopped at a place that sews sails for the schooners and ships.  It is a huge loft where they sew on the floor.  Then we went to visit the director’s cottage.  It was nice and had a natural look inside and out.  The view was lovely.





We were going to stop for lunch but the lady from Boston said she wasn’t hungry so we didn’t stop.  They didn’t ask me.  Then we were on the way to the airport.  The lady from Boston sat in the front.  She said she got car sick so whenever we went any place she sat in the front.  Then the director put on some local music and the sound came from the back so it was very loud.  The two of them talked up a storm with the director asking for some medical advice most of the trip.  We were close to the airport when we came to a stop.  There were a line of cars and they weren’t moving.  She decided to turn around and go another way.  By the time, we got to the airport, it was getting late.  The director just left me off at the airport.  She said she didn’t have time to take me to the B&B – 8 minutes from the airport.  So I said goodby and was glad to say it!!!!  In the itinerary, it said all transfers were paid for and I actually had to pay for all of mine.  The only good thing was that I owed her $9.00 for my drink last night and she never collected it.

I called the B&B and the man that runs it picked me up.  It was a nice B&B and I had a lovely room.  I walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner and it was some of the best food I had eaten in Nova Scotia.  The carrot cake was divine!  It was lovely and quiet!  I had to get up at 3am and left at 4am for the airport.

So here I am at home.  Happy to be here!

Although, I was extremely disappointed with the tour and the behavior of the women – I loved Nova Scotia.  There is a lot to do and see and it is a beautiful area. Thank goodness I had my photography, it made the trip, in spite of everything, totally worthwhile.

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  1. Finally read your blog. Very enjoyable reading. I’d love to visit NS and Prince Edward Island where Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gable books grew up. Jack and I have talked about going ther. Would love to hear more about the director and other ladies. The director sounds like a piece of work, and like you said apparently quite disorganized. Were there five of you or just four? You should go on a website called “trip advisor” I think, and write a review. If you’re interested, I’ll get the correct web address from Jack. Glad you’re home safe and sound.


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