A day on our own in Buenos Aries

So now we were on our own in the city.  We needed to change some money.  There were several banks nearby but unfortunately they were closed.  We didn’t realize it was 3:30 already.  We found a money exchange.  We decided to change just a little because the rate was so bad 5.4 pesos to the dollar and in Palermo we had been getting 7 or 8.  We hadn’t changed any money because we paid in dollars and received change back in pesos.  Now neither one of us had any pesos to take a taxi back to our hotel.  Anyways, we changed the money – it took half an hour to change $20.  We found a taxi and decided we would go to the botanical gardens as it was on the way.  It was quite a disappointment.

We saw this statue of Eva Peron in the park

All the buildings were closed because it was the winter season and basically it was a big park with names on some of the trees and plants.  It was a lovely day so we enjoyed our walk through the park.  We came out the other side and decided we were close enough to our hotel to walk.  We asked directions and began our walk – trying to side step the dog poop which littered the sidewalk.  As we walked along we continually asked directions because everyone we asked told us something a bit different and no telling what was lost in the translation.   The last person we asked said we had to go back 5 blocks.  It was then we decided we better take a taxi back to the hotel.  We arrived back in about 5 minutes.

Barb was worn out and wanted to take a nap.  I  thought I would explore the little shops across from the hotel.  It was getting dark and a bit chilly but it seemed a very safe area.  So many people out walking and all the stores open. It was fun walking in and out of the stores but I got tired and decided to return to the hotel.

Barb was awake so we got ready to go out.  Our inner time clocks were very confused by the late and early hours.  The hotel gave us a free glass of wine so we went downstairs to enjoy the library and have our glass of wine.  Then we walked to a nearby restaurant known for their steak as Barb was anxious to try Argentinian beef.  I had a few of the side vegetable dishes.  When the steak came – it was just the steak on a plate. Barb said the steak was good but very tough.  So she was disappointed in the meal. We walked back and I think that was the night we talked a lot and stayed up too late.

Well, I will publish this part as I have to confer about what happened next.

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