Just a Few Thoughts:

I really thought it was a great trip. The highlights were:
the Iguazu Falls, the boat trip in Ibera, Rincon Del Socorro and its wonderful, delicious meals, seeing the wildlife of the wetlands, tour of the cemetery and the flea market in Buenos Aires. I liked the first hotel the best – Legado Mitico and the Palermo area with all its cafes, restaurants and shops.
Our favorite guides were Sergio and Dario. Meeting Denise ( a friend of my daughters) and getting to see my niece and meet her family were also special parts of the trip.

Jacada Travel organized the independent tour and they did an excellent job!

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Dianne, for the very descriptive tour of your tip to Argentina. It was great and I feel like I went right along with you. Judy


  2. I really enjoyed this trip! And that you did too, Dianne, comes across in your postings. Better food than a lot of places you’ve been to. Some just plain good luck and very decent accomodations and good places to visit with good tour guides etc. I think you also liked having a chum along even if sometimes plans went a bit awry as they inevitably do but that’s part of the adventure! Thanks for sharing it all. You know i am not a big traveler so i am very happy you share your journeys. Love you. May all your journeys be safe and fun!


  3. I finally got around to finish reading your Argentinian trip blog. You are a good descriptive writer. I wish I’d done this on our Danube cruise and September Ireland trip. I always think I’ll write in my journal- but have yet to pick up a pen 😦
    Thanks for sharing your journeys with us. Feels like I was there too.
    Love you, Lida


  4. Dianne Bien Hecho. Yo disfruto de estar en la clase de español con usted. Steve Y los otros viajes son muy interesante tambien


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