In the afternoon we went to Angkor Wat.  We didn’t stay for the sunset because we were just too exhausted.  We had to get up early that morning and would also have to wake up very early the next day to see the sunrise.  We were going to leave at 5am.  That meant getting up at about 3:30am.  The following photos are those taken the day before at Angkor Wat.  I also had some problems with the guide as he was arguing with me about various photography issues.  I more or less told him to leave me alone and I would let him know if I needed help.  It is hard to enjoy yourself with someone looking over your shoulder every minute.  We were at the section of Angkor Wat called The Library.  We left the temple and as we were going off to have a cold drink, I took a few random shots.  So here are some that I took that afternoon:

View toward the library



Nun at the temple
Receiving a karma bracelet
Very interesting monk. I took several photos and then gave a donation
Two Cambodian ladies worshipping
Work continues on the temple
Horse near the gate.

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Dianne, Really nice photos. It must be exhausting to have to get up so early to then drive or walk distances, but you’ll, no doubt, be glad you did when you are back home again. See it all and post the photos so we can see it too. Not many folks can see the wonders that you and Shawn are seeing. Enjoy and soak it all up. Luv Judy


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