It was so hard getting up at 3am. It takes me an hour to get ready – every day we have to put sunscreen and mosquito repellant.  I have also been adding make-up which has a sunscreen as well.  Shawn is so pale and burns very easily so he is dressed like an Arab but at least has not burnt or had mosquito bites.  It is the rainy season in Cambodia but the first few days it didn’t rain at all.  In fact, they have not had much of a rainy season and all the lakes, reservoirs and rivers are very low.  Since we would not be eating breakfast at the hotel, we asked them to prepare a box breakfast for us.  I said no meat.  When we got the boxes – I looked at my sandwich – it was egg, bacon, cheese.  You think they understand you but many times they say yes and really don’t know what you are saying.  There was a lot of food so we shared with the guide and driver. We made our way to the temple and there were quite a few people there already but there was room for us to sit on the wall.


Best sunset colors appeared in the reflection

Unfortunately, the sunrise colors didn’t appear exactly over the temple but it was fun to photograph anyways.  From there we went to Ta Prohm.  We wanted to beat the crowds.  On the way, we stopped at a reservoir and here is the series of photos I took:





All finished - going home
All finished – going home to start the day!
Lion statue at the resevoir

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