After we left the temple with the amazing tree roots, we went back into Seam Reap.  We had discussed buying souvenirs the day before but Dave didn’t seem the least bit interested in taking us anywhere.  Then on the way back from the ruins, he decide to take us to an artisan craft shop. near the market place.   It was a beautiful shop with very nice Cambodian crafts. You don’t see any souvenirs in the market and we really did not get out to walk in the town that much.  He also took us to a nearby crafts center where we could see the workers making some crafts. Then we made a quick stop at the local market to see the fruit and vegetables. We saw many unusual fruit and vegetables. The market is one of my favorite places to take photos.  The Cambodian people, for the most part, were very friendly and enjoyed having their pictures taken.

Dragon fruit seen in the market
Rambutan Fruit
Can’t find the name of this but it may belong to the lotus family.
Durian – Its odor is so unique it is banned in hotels and airlines.
Such a pleasant vendor

Then Dave said he knew an air conditioned place where we could get a drink.  The restaurant (speaking in loose terms) was near the market area. We went upstairs but no air condition – there were fans so that was fine. We were so hot and absolutely melting so any kind of breeze felt good.  Dave was getting iced coffee and a chocolate eclair.  Shawn was getting a fruit smoothie and I was getting these ravioli stuffed with spinach for us to share and an ice tea.  Shawn got his drink first. Then we got the raviolis – not as good as they looked on the menu. Dave never got his coffee, I never got my drink.  After waiting for ages, we decided to leave.  Dave dropped us off at the hotel.  We loved getting back to our lovely hotel. We showered and changed and went to eat lunch. I really don’t think I brought enough clothes. I was worried about over packing!  It was fun to look in the hotel boutique as it had a lot of very interesting items – woven bags, purses made from fish netting and in beautiful colors, wood carvings, silk scarves etc. We’ll be there for one night before we leave.




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  1. Fun mom but sounds so miserably hot.. I would die. I can’t stand being hot anymore. I’d rather be cold! We had our share of extremes on this trip – from 50 degrees to 100 degrees!!

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