After our trip to the Royal Palace, we went to the Central Market. It was quite a different market from what we had been use to seeing. It was a huge market place and a lot of it was enclosed inside a building.  It seemed very organized with  more walking room.  We told Dave and the guide that we wanted to be on our own and look around at our leisure.  They were agreeable and said they would meet us later.  It was fun wandering around.  There were many small jewelry counters, tons of tee shirts, all kinds of  seafood, meat and vegetable stalls, a variety of clothing and tourist souvenirs.

Just a bit of information about the lotus flower: You see all parts of the lotus flower from the roots to the seeds being sold in the market. It is a symbol of divine purity in Asian culture. Throughout history it has become the symbol of harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

Central Market
Central Market
Friendly vendor at the market
Lotus in bloom.
Lotus Flower blooms
Lotus flowers sold in the market.
Lotus seeds sold for food and medicine.
I saw this elderly lady sitting on a motorcycle.
Durian - a very smelly fruit.
Durian – a very smelly fruit.
Litt.le one helping her mom at the market
Little one helping her mom at the market
Monk giving a blessing after receiving alms.
Monk giving a blessing after receiving alms in the market place.


The market spills over into the side streets.
The market spills over into the side streets.
tuk tuk
tuk tuk
Breaking down the ice into smaller pieces for sale.
Breaking down the ice into smaller pieces for sale.

We returned to the hotel a bit earlier than usual but Shawn and I were glad to have a quiet evening.  I had decided earlier to get a massage and a facial. The prices were a lot cheaper than in the states.  Spa services went up to 10pm so I had plenty of time. I went to the spa area and met the receptionist.  She introduced me to the massage therapist.  The massage was pretty good.  I had worn a chain and the therapist took it off and laid it on the the bed next to me.  After the massage, the facial lady came in.

I didn’t think too much of the facial or the service.  At one point, the lady left me for about 20 minutes and I started getting leg cramps. She finally finished.  I noticed my necklace on the bed and then went into the bathroom to check to see if my hair was decent.  When I walked out, I totally forgot my chain.  I got to my room and then remembered I had left it.  I went back to the spa but couldn’t find it.  I went to the reception desk and they sent someone with me to look again. It wasn’t there and everyone had gone. They said they would talk to the spa people in the morning.

The next day The person at the reception desk said that the owner was coming and wanted to meet with me. The hotel manager kept reassuring me that I would be compensated in some way. The next day when we returned to the hotel for lunch, Shawn mentioned that he was not feeling well.  I decided to go outside the hotel to get food as most of the food on the cafe menu was spicy. The manager had told us about a restaurant within walking distance.  I got the directions again and went to find the restaurant.  I stopped and asked some people but they didn’t know what I was talking about.  I saw a tuk tuk driver and he spoke very good English and told me there was no restaurant on that street.  I asked him to give me a ride back to the hotel and then take me to the restaurant.  We went back to the hotel and he got the directions and took me where I wanted to go.  I checked the menu and saw that the prices were very high and nothing looked that healthy.  I went back to our hotel. I gave the tuk tuk driver a big tip as he had been so nice. I ordered tea and bread for Shawn from the hotel cafe.

I had to meet with the spa owner so went to the spa and found the owner and everyone who worked there standing around waiting for me.  The owner asked me to tell her what happened so I told her.  She said she had questioned everyone concerned. It was a strange situation as I didn’t know what purpose the meeting hoped to serve. I was pretty sure it was the facial lady that took the chain as she was the last one there when I left and I had returned within the hour to get it.  The owner wanted to give me some free services but I said no thank you.  In the end, they didn’t charge for the services I had that night.  In essence, I paid for the services with my necklace. It probably was worth $40. The hotel did nothing to compensate me.  At the least, it was a disappointing incident.




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  1. Well – that was a crummy result…like anyone would admit to taking your chain. On the other hand – your pictures are very wonderful! Love you and Shawn!!!!


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