After being dropped off at my hotel, I went up to my room to rest.  Although, Sucre was not as high as the other cities I had been to, I still lacked energy.  I was just happy to stay in my room for the evening and work on my blog.  The rain started later in the evening and I kept hearing a tremendous noise like someone was moving tables and chairs. This went on for about an hour so I called the front desk and they sent a porter up.  He told me that it was the wind banging the doors. The noise stopped a short time later, so I figured they shut the banging doors.  Soon after that the wi fi went out.  I called the desk and they said they would fix it.  It was fixed a few minutes later but after an hour it  went out again.  Totally frustrated, I gave up and went to bed.

I woke up early and made it to breakfast.  It was still raining so I had to use my umbrella while walking through parts of the hotel.  Breakfast was similar to all the other breakfasts, I had experienced – fruit, cheese, cold cereal, different breads.  I put a piece of bread in the toaster and then couldn’t get it out.  The waiter was kind enough to help.  There were a few families in the dining room but it didn’t look like the hotel was very full. I returned to my room to work a bit more on my blog but then decided I needed to get out and walk a bit.  I wanted to check out a few shops I had seen the day before. By the time I got my act together, it was almost lunch time.  I decided to try the vegetarian place on my own as it just a short walk down the street. I chose a falafal sandwich on a kind of pita-type bread.  It was ok.  I saved half of it to eat for my dinner in the evening.  I took a walk trying to find the main square.  I didn’t find the town square but did find an interesting silver jewelry shop and enjoyed shopping for some earrings.  I discovered a few more shops and then meandered back to the hotel. I wandered around the hotel and took a few photos.  It was a lovely hotel with lots of interesting colonial architecture and art objects.

Bougainvillea  in the inside hotel entrance
Balconies inside the hotel.
Balconies inside the hotel.
View from the second floor of the hotel.
View from the second floor of the hotel.
View down a side street.

I took another venture out of doors still looking for the main square.  I was also looking for a bank or an ATM machine and I knew it was near the square since I had been there the first day I arrived. I figured I would get a taxi back so wasn’t worried about directions.  I finally found the main square and park and also the bank with the ATM machine.  No problems about getting money – the directions were in English as well as Spanish.  Having walked quite a while, I decided I needed a cup of tea and a rest stop. I found a nearby cafe and had my tea where I enjoyed people watching.  I caught a taxi outside the cafe and returned to my hotel. I was leaving the next morning so I had to organize and repack and this time make sure everything was secure for a plane ride.  My suitcase seemed a little bit harder to close but I managed to get it all accomplished and ready for the morning flight.  I had a wake-up call so was on time to check out and have breakfast before Paola and the driver took me to the airport.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Dianne – it is really wonderful to hear in detail about your trip, and your pictures are fantastic! Best, Katie


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