Return to Mormon Row

With our morning tour at an end, we did a bit more shopping in Jackson and then looked for a restaurant.  So far we had not been impressed with the food.  We had seen a restaurant that morning when we were looking for breakfast, so decided to try it.  It was an Asian fusion restaurant named Teton Tiger.  I chose a vegetable rice dish and Shawn had a noodle  soup dish.  The food was delicious and the service was excellent!

Shawn wanted to return to Mormon Row to take more photos.  We hadn’t been able to get up close to some of the buildings as there had been so many people.  We took our time returning stopping to take a few misty mountain photos.



We finally arrived back at Mormon Row to take a few more photos.  I think I took more of flowers than the farm buildings.

Barn and corral
Beautiful wildflowers

Back to Jackson Lake Lodge

We didn’t spend too much time as we had to travel all the way back to Jackson Lake Lodge.  Once we arrived, we wanted to explore the hotel grounds.  The view behind the hotel was beautiful.

View behind the Lake jackson Lodge
Lovely scenery behind the hotel
Flowers decorating the back of the hotel

It was so beautiful and the scenery was great.  It was nice to stop and “smell the roses”. We headed back to our cottage and decided to make another trip to Colter Bay for groceries so that we could eat in our room.  It had been a busy day and I think we just needed to relax. The next day we were free until our raft trip on the Snake River at 4:30pm.


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