The guide, whose name was Paul,  took everyone’s vouchers and then we boarded the yellow tour bus.  Shawn and I got on first and took the front seat. The guide was a big talker and I don’t think he stopped talking until the end of the tour. He told a lot of stories and also was very informative about Yellowstone and its history. There were a few empty seats and as a result some of the hotel workers came along.  There were about 12 people in all.

This was the bus – not too big but big enough to be comfortable.
Paul – Guide and Driver

Fountain Paint Pot

Our first stop was the Fountain Paint Pot. The nature trail takes in four types of thermal features.  Mud pots, Clepsydra Geyser and the Celestine Pool are all important attractions.

Huge bus group entering the area on the boardwalk
Mud pots
Dead tree with pine cones – near colorful spring.





The Clepsydra Geyser erupted just as we stood there.
Bobby sock trees – dead lodgepole pines which have soaked up the mineral rich water of the thermal area.

Bison herd 

We saw this bison herd and were able to get up relatively close to take photos. The bison are very shaggy – losing their coats for the summer heat.

This bison under a tree reminded Shawn and I of the story about “Ferdinand, the Bull”



Such fantastic scenery on the way to Mammoth Hot Springs

We were heading north up toward Mammoth Hot Springs to see the spectacular terraces composed of travertine. It was getting toward lunch time so we would be eating at the Mammoth Park after our view of the Mammoth Hot Springs.


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