Take Off and Arrival

I am here in Mexico City writing my blog from the 19th floor of the Meridien Hotel. The hotel is situated on the beautiful Paseo de la Reforma (often called the Champs Elysees of Mexico City).  Le Meridien Mexico City sits in the heart and soul of the artistic, cultural, government and financial district of the Mexican capital.

Our journey from San Diego to Mexico City was not without its difficulties.  Our flight took off at 6:45am.  My friend, Ginita and I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Although the flight took off when it was suppose to, we were delayed on take off because there were so many planes ahead of us. Our flight to LAX was only about 55 minutes. Unfortunately when we landed, we ended up on the tarmac sitting for at least a half an hour. After what seemed like forever, we  got underway again.  Much to our despair, when we arrived at the entrance there were mechanical problems with the ramp and they couldn’t open the door.  Time was ticking away !  Supposedly, we were scheduled to have a  little over an hour before our flight to Mexico City. By the time we got off the plane, we had about 15 minutes to run to our flight and I mean run!  Of course, the gate was miles away.  Ginita ran on ahead because I had my carry on and a huge bag plus my leg (sciatica pain) was killing me!  Unbelievably, we made it and were the last ones on the plane before they shut the door. I had changed my seat the day before so was happy to have an aisle seat.  No more problems and we arrived in Mexico City on time.

We took an authorized taxi from the airport so it was a bit more expensive but at least we arrived at the hotel safey.  The hotel is a huge high rise and as I mentioned before, we were on the 19th floor. It was actually a bedroom and a living area. There were also two large screen televisions, a desk and a microwave.  We rested for a little while but then decided to go out and eat as I hadn’t had anything to eat that day and it was 5pm.  We were both so tired that we just ate in one of the hotel restaurants.  The food was ok. I had red snapper and risotto.  The best part was the bread and the guacamole and chips.

We took a walk around the hotel looking for photo ideas. It was getting dark and looked like it might pour down any minute so we returned to our room.  I wanted to find a place to take a photo of the city from the 19th floor.  Our room did not have a clear view so we saw the emergency exit and I saw that we could go out and walk up some stairs and take some good photos. I ran to get my camera and just as I started to take pictures, the assistant manager came and said we weren’t allowed to be there.  We didn’t realize that the alarm would go off at the desk when we opened that door. Anyway, I got three photos!

City scene from the 19th floor
View of the city from “up above”.

Well, I am dead tired so will stop and publish this tonight.  I will add a few hotel photos to the blog tomorrow.

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