Lost and Found

The sun was really hot as we got off the trolley.  I began searching for my prescription sunglasses.  My carry bag is deep and only has two pockets, but also had a lot of things in it.  I couldn’t find them right away.  Shawn ran back to the trolley and someone was already sitting where we had sat.  He asked if they had found any sunglasses.  The person looked but didn’t see any.  We walked back to the hotel quickly so I could dump my bag out on my bed.  I discovered then that they were missing.  We had been to the sweet shop  up on the hill on the trolley and I had also been to a shop to buy water.  The owner of the hotel said she would call the sweet shop and ask about them. So we decided to return to the trolley in hopes that they had already been found..  Last summer, I lost my new sunglasses in Yellowstone.  No telling how many pairs I have lost in the last few years! We went back to the little store where  I had bought water – no sunglasses.  We finally found the man who ran the trolley service and he said they had found sunglasses but the driver wouldn’t return until 3:o’clock.  So we had to hang around for an hour.  We wandered around several different streets taking photos.  We ended up in a nearby park just sitting in the cool of the shade.  Finally, the driver returned and he did have my glasses!  I was so happy to have them back!

Basket shop on one of the side streets.
Two ladies sitting on the corner.
Photo of a gentleman sitting near us while we waited to get my sunglasses.
Potted plants reflected on the wall.
San Miguel Chapel dome.

Eating Italian 

The above photos were taken near the central plaza while waiting to get my sunglasses,  We walked slowly back toward the hotel but since we hadn’t had any lunch, we were on the lookout for a place to eat.  On the same street as our hotel, there was another larger hotel called Hotel Sautto.  It had a lovely courtyard.  We checked out the menu and the waiter showed us to a table.  The food was mostly Italian.  I had pesto fettucine and Shawn had shrimp tacos.  The waiter came over to take our order and spoke to us in English.  He was from Italy and had lived in Chicago for 24 years, worked in the Caribbean and now working here.  The food was good but more than I could eat.

Appetizers on the Rooftop

We returned to our hotel and planned to rest until 6:30pm.  Our restaurant of choice for the evening was the rooftop bar upstairs.  They serve appetizers with the drinks.  It was a lot cooler when we went upstairs and we were the only ones there.  The waiter gave us the menu.  We chose three appetizers –  potatoes with fried skins and a sauce, tuna in a chile sauce and ceviche on tortillas.  It was all really enjoyable!.  Shawn had a margarita and I chose a martini made with mango and a few other things.  It took them a half an hour to make it!  Shawn was finished with his drink by the time I got mine.  I must say  it was distinctive and very good! The bill was a little shocking, but we felt we deserved it after such an active day!  We went to our room and planned for our next day’s adventures.




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  1. Dianne, I’m enjoying your daily adventures very much. You always have some interesting happenings. You might need a strap round your neck to prevent loss of your sunglasses !! The photos are so colorful and a real “slice of life” . Thanks for posting your blog. Love Judy


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