Zacateros Street

We saw Zacateros Street from the trolley and Shawn thought it had a lot of  interesting windows and doors. So we set out to find it. We started walking down the street trying to discover if we were going in the right direction.  This gentleman passed by us and heard us talking.  He asked where we were from, and said his wife was in California visiting relatives.  He asked if I was looking for a retirement home and then he said he sold real estate. We told him that we were looking for  Zacateros street and he said we were going in the wrong direction.  He turned around with us and said he would show us where it was. He led us to the right street and then went on his way. This is just one example of the kindness of the majority of people we met. We started our walk down the street and did see a lot of unusual features and enjoyed taking photos.

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We saw several other fascinating street features along the way.


Flowers on the rooftop.
Little dresshop – the dresses looked so bright and colorful!

At the Town Square 

We continued on to the Arcangel Church in the main square.  We took a lot of photos on the outside but never had a chance to see the inside.  We didn’t realize that the church was celebrating a special Locos (crazy) Day in honor of the Feast of St Anthony.  The main day is celebrated on Sunday.  We were leaving on that day, but we did get a preview on Friday when we went to the Church. People were all dressed in costumes and there were several small truck floats. We sat down on the curb and took some photos of the children. There were so many people standing in the doorway of the church that we didn’t get a chance to go in.

The balloon man was having a good day!

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The hat man hung around!

We took a different street back to the hotel and saw a few unusual things along the way:

El Grito is a a night club where a lot of young people go to dance.
I liked this bicycle in the wndow.
Hand door knocker. We saw quite a few of these – some fancier than others.

Zooming  off to Zumo

After resting in the afternoon, we headed out to Zumos.  Shawn discovered this rooftop restaurant on Trip Advisor.  He did read the reviews and mentioned it was expensive.  I don’t mind expensive as long as it is worth it.  The restaurant, located on the rooftop  in a boutique hotel, is in a nondescript neighborhood.  When we arrived, we were the only ones there.  We were shown to a table with a good view.  We later got up and walked around to take photos of the city.  One of the waiters led us to the other side of the restaurant where the outlook over the city was the best.  It was a similar view as what we saw at the other rooftop restaurant.

Where Shawn and I sat.



Views from the rooftop – Zumo Restaurant

The views were actually the best part of our evening!  The waitress was friendly and attentive.  We ordered a mango margarita.  They were served in martini glasses, which we thought a bit unusual.  They tasted all right but no salty rim and not a very large drink.  They were the most expensive margaritas we had so far.

Mango margarita in a martini glass.

We had ordered a Greek salad to be shared and it soon arrived.  It was really one of the worst Greek salads, I have ever eaten.  It was leaf lettuce with a lot of  radicchio, about 4 slices of tomato and a yogurt type dressing – no olives, no feta, no cucumbers, no onion.  It was very disappointing. In the meantime, there was no bread served and never did come until I asked about it and the waitress said it didn’t come with the meal, but brought some tiny pieces of tasteless stale white bread.  Our main dishes arrived.   I had salmon and mashed potatoes.  The salmon and mashed potatoes were on a tarter-like sauce. Here is a photo. It looked very nice. It was good, but again very small portions and no vegetables accompanying.  I am not a big eater but this was not a lot of food.  Shawn had a fatty piece of rib eye with lots of vegetables.  He gave me his al dente carrots. When the bill arrived, I was not too happy.  $76.00 and I didn’t even feel full. Needless to say, we left dismayed at the quality and the price. You can see my review on TripAdvisor.  It is among many raving reviews, but perhaps the chef had a day off the evening we had our dinner.


We ordered a taxi from the receptionist and waited outside by the street for it.  We had planned on going to a Peruvian restaurant the next night which was very popular but were a bit nervous to spend a lot of money and not be satisfied with the food.  The concierge gave us the names of three supposedly good restaurants and we looked them up on TripAdvisor and decided we would try one of them the next night.






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  1. Your street photos are so colorful! I liked the one with the bicycle too and the scenery from the restaurant. Too bad the meal was not up to par, especially since it was so expensive. 😕


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