Cruising Through the Iron Gate

We cruised through one of Europe’s most dramatic natural wonders – the picturesque part of the river known as the Iron Gate. It forms the boundary between Serbia and Romania. It is an amazing 83 mile-long stretch of the Danube River which contains hydroelectric dams Iron Gate 1 and Iron Gate 11.  This project raised the river’s water level by 114 ft.  In the 1960’s the government built a huge lock and dam to help control the speed of the river and make navigating safer. The narrow gorges slice through the Carpathian Mountains to the North and the Balkan Mountains to the south and you can see the towering white limestone cliffs partially covered with forest.

The huge face carved into the Romanian side of the Danube celebrates the Romanian hero Decebalus, who fought many battles with the Romans. The carving is the largest in Europe.

Sites You Can See Cruising Through the Iron Gate.







Mraconia Monastery is at the narrowest part of the gorge. The monastery today lies on the site of a former observation and guiding post.
This is part of the monastery.


You cannot see it, but there is a cave near where this boat is located. The limestone cave, called the Ponicova Cave, was once used as a hiding place by the Romanians trying to escape the Communist rule.
Sunlight on the Danube River.

In the afternoon, we were treated to a Serbian Teatime.  There was a tasty selection of Serbian pastries.  We would be arriving in Belgrade, Serbia early in the morning.



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