More To See In Szentendre

It was time for a drink!   We weren’t sure how much time we had before we needed to meet the bus. Although we had seen a few people from the group wandering as well,   With our souvenir shopping complete, we stopped in at this tiny place.  The young girl who waited on us spoke English and was very friendly.  We ordered some unusual lemonade drinks and enjoyed just relaxing and getting out of the hot sun. 

Lovely waitress who made a deliciously cool drink!
A lemonade concoction.

Rested up, we continued on our photography jaunt through Szentendre. As we walked on,  I saw a bakery and ducked inside to get some photos.  The Hungarian pastries are marvelous.  One popular pastry is called, “Langos”  a Hungarian food specialty – made of deep-fried bread dough, which can be sweet or savory.  Speaking of sweets, there was a marzipan Museum which you could enter for a small fee.  Shawn and I  actually didn’t know about it until we left.  We heard it included a tasty model of the Budapest Parliament and a likeness of Princess Diana, immortalized in marzipan. There was also a life-sized marzipan Michael Jackson commemorating his first concert in Hungary.



Although we had completed our shopping, it was still fun to look.  We stopped by an embroidery shop.  In the Hungarian countryside, folk art is a living tradition.  Embroidering is one of those folk arts that is typical of Hungary.  Techniques, designs, and use of colors varies from village to village.  Much of the embroidering traditions originated from the influence of the waves of settlers that arrived in the region over the centuries. Each style has its own name and motif according to the region.

Embroidered clothes.
Hand-.made shawls
This gentleman invited us in to take a look at his hand-made wares
Wine Museum

We found the bus in the parking lot but it wasn’t open yet, so we waited on a nearby bench. Soon everyone arrived.  We boarded the bus and were soon on our way back to Budapest.

Back to Budapest

Houses in the hills.
More “socialist realism” apartment blocks.
We crossed the Margaret Bridge – the second oldest bridge in Budapest. It was built in 1872. This bridge leads across to the Margaret Island.

Crossing the Margaret Bridge you could look down and see Margaret Island. Margaret Island provides its citizens a peaceful hideaway from the hectic downtown.  Its large green areas, flowery gardens, and old trees attract the Budapest citizens to stroll, picnic and explore while enjoying the serenity of the island. We needed a lot more time to explore Margaret Island, as well as all that Budapest had to offer.

Margaret Island as seen from the bus while crossing the bridge.

Down to the Dock and back to the Hotel

Our bus driver had to return to the dock to drop off the passengers going on to Amsterdam, fortunately, we had one last chance to see our Viking Riverboat and photograph sights on the river.

Another view of the Calvinist Church with Matthias Church in the background.



Amphibious bus River Ride
Shoes on the Danube Bank

As you might imagine, there is a sad story attached to the Shoes on the Danube Bank. They are a memorial conceived by film director Can Togay and created by sculptor Gyula Pauer to honor the people (mainly Budapest Jews) who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War ll. There are 60 pairs of old fashion shoes from the 40s – men’s, women’s and children’s shoes.  During those days of horror, the Danube was known as the “Jewish Cemetery”. I was sorry that this was the only photo I was able to take while looking out from the bus.  We were leaving for California very early in the morning, so there wasn’t time to visit.

Budapest Keleti Train Station not far from the Hilton where we stayed. This was the last photo I took on our Viking Cruise!

My final chapter tells the trials and tribulations of flying back to San Diego and also final thoughts about our Viking River Cruise.

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  2. Very nice, Dianne. Jack and I had a nice leisurely walk on Margaret Island when we were there. The Danube shoes are a telling reminder of the cruelty of the fascists. I might have another photo of them if you’d like it. I would have liked visiting Szentendre.


  3. It must have been different to see cities and sights from your river boat but also interesting. You saw a lot of things and then got around by bus too. Kind of like our camping trip. Saw local scenery by going from place to place and then on tour buses to see special tourist attractions. Great job Dianne !!!!!


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