Sunday in Oregon

Saurday night the rains started  and I knew I was here in Oregon!  Fortunately, the sun was out the next morning and a new day dawning. I went with my sister to the Unitarian Universalist Community Church and enjoyed an interesting sermon and met many friendly Oregonians.  Our next stop was the Orenco Woods Nature Park which was nearby.  It had some unusual stickwood sculptures  built by Patrick Dougherty.  He builds these constructions all over the world and his website is fascinating.

Unitarian Universalist Community Church - Oregon
Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Hillsboro. The church is a national historical building over 100 years old.

Orenco Woods Nature Park

Patrick Dougherty –

Orenco Woods Nature Park
Autumn folage at the entrance into Orenco Woods Nature Park.
Orenco Nature Woods Park
Stick constructions from a distance – looks like gnomes hiding in the woods.



Stick Figure - Orenco, Oregon
Dianne inside the stick figure
Orenco Woods Nature Park
My sister, Alana and her husband, John having fun!
Orenco apple sculpture
Orenco apple sculpture – where the Orenco dessert apple was developed.
Apple sculpture - made into a bench.
Orenco apple sculpture – where the Orenco dessert apple was developed
Orenco Nature Woods Park
A lovely scene as we walked out of the park.
Rain clouds forming
Rain clouds forming – usual Oregon weather.

Town of Hillsboro

Hillsboro, Oregon
Orenco neighborhood – beautiful autumn leaves.
Burnished leaf
Burnished gold leaf on the street in Hillsboro.

Maple Street, Forest Grove

Maple leaf
Maple leaf tree in Forest, Grove
Fallen autumn leaves
Fallen yellow and red maple leaves
Yellow leaves
Yellow maple leaves


Wonderful Sunday morning –  lovely service at the Unitarian Universalist Church and then an enjoyable walk marveling at the unusual stick sculptures in the Orenco Woods Nature Park.  On our way home we stopped in Forest Grove and saw many brightly colored red maple trees.

5 thoughts

  1. Beautiful church !! Looks very stately !! Loved the scenery pictures and the gnomes…even the black headed one !!! Go Dianne. Happy Thanks to the two great sisters in the woods. Love you both. Judy


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