We continued our meandering through the Fernhill area and checked out the Fernhill Wetlands. Unfortunately, the wetlands were closed, but I looked across the road and was happy to photograph an enchanting pastoral scene ablaze in autumn yellows.  We drove on into the town and saw more beautiful signs of autumn.



Huge tree amidst the colorful autumn leaves.





Norse Woods Neighborhood

We finally arrived back in the Norse Woods area of Forest Grove where my sister lived.  After a brief rest, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to check out the fall foliage.  As we walked down the street and came to the last house we saw a sweet little kitten on the porch.  It looked cold and hungry.  There was a lockbox on the door so we weren’t sure if the house was for sale and empty or that perhaps the kitten had been left outside.  My sister decided to return to her house and bring back some food and water.  It was extremely cold so we were concerned about leaving the kitten.  We decided to continue our walk and check back later.


kitten in Oregon
Cute little kitten. He started to follow us down the street.
Single red fall leaf
I loved the contrast of the red and green – so vibrant!



We walked around the corner and found a stream of water lined with birch trees. It was a neat little area unexpected behind a street filled with houses.  Our goal was the park but it was so cold that I wasn’t sure I could last that long.  My sister knew all the streets in the neighborhood so we strolled along enjoying all the autumn colors and pla

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Fall red leaves
Ravishing red leaves.



Continuing on our walk, we saw a lot of interesting plants and more brilliant fall colors. See the rest of our walk in the next post.



5 thoughts

  1. Beautiful reds and yellows and liked the contrast with the big old tree with no leaves that looked like an oak. I have some neat pictures taken from a campground in LA with gorgeous colors also. They make beautiful pictures and you certainly have a knack for catching the essence of the scenery. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


  2. Dianne – thanks for taking so many lovely pictures of our home area. Even in the rain we had fun walking and looking at the lovely scenes.


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