Red, Red, Red, Orange

Brrrrr, it was so cold! We decided to skip the park and return home but since Alana knew the neighborhood, we returned a different way.  Here are the photos I took as we made our way back.




Orange rose in Oregon
We saw this lovely orange rose in a neighbor’s yard.
Pink plant
This pink plant was so fragile – it reminded me of a Japanese painting.
Colorful bushes
This combination of colorful plants and bushes were stunning!
purple berries
Unusual purple berry bush.
unusual leaf
We saw this leaf with unusual green markings.
Maple leaves on the ground
Red maple leaves on the ground.
Maple tree
Stark contrast – orange against the green.

End of Kitten Story

We finally arrived back home and the weather was colder than when we started. We were still worried about the kitten out on the porch. Alana found a blanket and we took it down to the house and hoped the kitten would at least have a warm place to curl up. We had decided to go to the movies to see the “Orient Express” and thought if the kitten was still out there by the time we returned, that we would take it and keep it in the garage overnight. When we came back from seeing the movie, we stopped at a Goodwill Store and bought a clothes hamper and an old woolly blanket in case we needed to bring the cat home.  The kitten was still there, so we bundled it up in the blanket and kept it in the garage overnight. Alana decided to go down in the morning and put a note on the door and then see about calling some cat shelters or adoption centers.  She knocked on the door but no one answered, so she left a note and returned to the house.  About 15 minutes later, the phone rang and it was the cat’s owner.  The three of us took the kitten and drove to the house which was at the end of the street.  A lady answered the door and was glad to see the kitten.  She said she had been at her parent’s house and that the cat was used to being outdoors.  Although we totally disagree with the indoor/outdoor cat policy, we were just satisfied that the kitten”s owner was at home and happy to have the kitten back.

Check out the next post of the Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

One thought

  1. I am soooo glad the kitty’s owener claimed her. Our two kitty girls would have been quite upset if they had to share us with a newcomer! Alls well that ends well!


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