Wet and Rainy in the Wetlands

The morning we set out to Jackson Bottom Wetlands, the sky was filled with billowing, thunderous clouds.  I was happy to have my umbrella and boots and thank goodness my sister had her golf umbrella. It rained off and on but I managed to take quite a few photos even some interesting ones. We were able to get a map at the visitor center which helped us figure out where to go and where not to go.

Billowing clouds in Oregon
Thunderous clouds as we drove to Jackson Bottom Wetlands.


Thunderous clouds in Oregon
We drove in the opposite direction of the rain clouds but unfortunately, they followed us.
Squirrel at Jackson Bottom Wetlands
I saw this squirrel at the bird feeder along with a bunch of hungry birds.
leaf illumined in the sunlight.
I noticed this leaf illumined in a spot of sunlight.
Moss on the trees - Jackson Bottom
Moss hugging the tree branch.
We saw this strange bunch of seeds.
Jackson Bottom Wetlands
I took this shot from the visitor center.
Alana and John looking out from the pavilion.
Looking out from the pavilion - Jackson Bottom Wetlands
Looking out from the pavilion over Jackson Bottom Wetlands
Storm clouds rolling in again.


berries at Jackson Bottom Wetlands
Unusual berries or seed pods – you can see the raindrops
Overlooking the flooded wetlands
These white berries are called snowberries.
Jackson Bottom Wetlands
We peeked through the brush and saw this scene.
Alana by the wooden fence
Alana – bright spot along the trail


nesting box
Nesting box along the trail.
Wetlands - Jackson Bottom, Oregon
Lots of geese on the water but this is the closest we could get and unfortunately, I didn’t have a powerful lens for close-ups.
We started to walk down this trail to see if there was a way to get closer to the geese on the water but we didn’t see any other trails. We decided to turn around and go back.
The dark rolling clouds made an interesting background.
Alana and John in the Jackson Bottom Wetlands
My sister, Alana and her husband, John were kind enough to chauffeur me all around the area so I could take autumn photos. I appreciated their help and patience.




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