“Rain shower” in the Japanese Garden. It rained steadily the whole time we were walking around the gardens, but at least it wasn’t crowded! After looking at all the photos, I noticed that most of them featured trees with yellow leaves.  So I had to pick and choose – trying to decide which photos were the most interesting.

The Japanese garden is a traditional Japanese Garden occupying nine acres in the West Hills of Portland.  It has eight garden spaces and a Cultural Village.  Unfortunately, most things were closed due to the rain.

Japanese Garden
A  misshapen, moss-covered tree was at the upper entrance. There were many similar twisted trees in the garden.
A beautiful berry bush across from the garden entrance.
The raked white sand represents water and vividly contrasts with lawn, moss, evergreens.





Brilliant orange leaves poking through the evergreen tree.
Colorful leaves fell on nearby evergreen bushes and made a lovely picture.
It looked like this tree was in bloom with all the yellow leaves that had fallen on it.


Delicate yellow leaf bush in front of a moss-laden rock.

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These plastered yellow leaves captured my attention.
This area was called, “Strolling Pond Garden”.


Golden grass dotted the hillside.
Nature’s design!
Young Bamboo trees with golden leaves in the background.
All the fall colors – green, yellow, orange and red.
One lonely yellow leaf on the stairs as we climbed to the next level.
The blossoms on top of the leaves, looked like they were enjoying the falling rain.
Japanese Garden, Portland
Our bus driver told us the story of the wall that was seen on both levels. It was built by a Japanese architect who came from Japan especially to build this wall. All the rocks fit together without any adhesives and it truly is a work of art.
This bonsai evergreen is 250 years old and stands in front of the wall built by the Japanese architect.

I had a great trip to Oregon thanks to my sister and her husband who took me to a variety of places where I was able to indulge my photographic desires.  Being from New York and living in San Diego, I miss the vivid and colorful foliage of the fall season and very much enjoyed what the  Oregon autumn had to offer.

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  1. Hello, my dear sister. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I loved your nature pictures both the flowers and the background colors. They were stupendous !!! Thanks for sharing them. You should go into the photography business. They are absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had a nice visit with Alana and John. Love Judy

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