Early Walk

It was nice to get out early and check out the town.  We climbed up the stairs to the walkway along the river.  First, we went to the left and came to a dead end and then walked back past the boat. Here are a few photos of what we saw:

A house at the end of the path
Bauhinia variegata kanchan leaves and flower – one of the bushes I came upon
Flowers of the above plant
Boats  docked at the shore
Birds on the boat
Entrance to the fort – we didn’t go in as we were going with the group later.
Close up of the yellow flowers
Primary school across the street – two cows grazing in the yard.
Coming down the street – waterman, and a lady carrying goods on her head
Little boys – not sure about having their photo taken
This little boy was playing the dirt nearby.  He came over to get his picture taken.

We continued walking down a side street but some dog came running out to bark at us so we didn’t stop to take any photos.  We returned to the boat to wait for the group to meet us and then walked to the fort.

Back With the Group and a Walk to the Minhla Fort

Cute little girl hanging out at the pier
Inside the Minhla Fort – originally dated from the 13th century.  It was enlarged and strengthened by Italian engineers
Our guide, Thu Thu
Thu Thu was my model

The construction of the fort was unusual.  We climbed the stairs to the top and looked out over the river. Thu Thu mentioned that they use to have the evening meal in the fort but it was taken over by the Archeological Institute and they are not allowed to eat there anymore.

Meandering Around the Streets

After walking around the fort, we meandered down the street.  We had another look at the school and the grazing cows.  The company director was walking along with us.  I mentioned that Shawn and I might be interested in going to Africa.  His company had campsites in various places in Africa but it was not his side of the business.  Since he was from South Africa and had visited some of the campsites, he said he would meet with us and give us his travel thoughts as to which campsite we might like.  We did meet with him the next day and it was a very informative session.  Not sure if we will go, but he gave us some good ideas.

Believe it or not – this is the fire-fighting equipment – ladder for climbing and a hook to grab things from a burning building
Local snack store
More urns and pots
This is the mean dog who came out to bark at us earlier.  The owner held on to him when she saw our group coming.
Handmade drums

We met a family who made drums.  They were having to move their house because of the rainy season as it was too close to the edge of the river so they only had these samples of drums to show us.

Friendly lady who enjoyed seeing her photo
Many of the houses had a picture of a tiger – they are believed to scare away the evil spirits and are considered house guardians.
Little boy with his sunburn paste on his face
The kids look like little ghosts walking around
Purple flowers
Fashionable Minhla ladies
Pretty lady with her basket
Waving goodbye!

We got back on the boat and left around 10 am heading for Magwe and an afternoon excursion to visit the Mya Than Lun – Pagoda made from gold bricks.





2 thoughts

  1. Very nice pictures. If you didn’t know you were in Myanmar some of those children would look right at home here in the south with their sun dresses and fliip flops. The flowers are lovely too. Just wonder about their names. Thanks Dianne for showing us this piece of the world. Love Judy


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