It was a beautiful late afternoon as we clip-clopped through the paths leading to and around the terra-cotta temples.  We soon lagged behind the other horse cart as we had to stop so many times for photos.  Thu Thu and the driver conversed in Burmese while Shawn and I looked from side to side enjoying and photographing what we saw.




Acacia  leucophloea wild tree


Dhammayangy Temple  1167-1170 – Largest temple in Bagan


It seemed odd to see this huge cactus


Final temple on our horse cart ride

For me, it was a wonderful magical ride through the land of pagodas. There were no other carts in sight and it was if we were the only ones wandering through an ancient civilization.  Of course, I was sitting up front and had a fantastic view.  Not sure how Shawn felt about the trip bumping along in the back.

From here we were taken to a nearby terrace (hill) where we waited until the sun went down.  It was a bit overcast with the sun just peeking through on the way down.  Being inundated with souvenir sellers was the only drawback – from women with babies carrying their goods to children racing after you with postcards.  All of a sudden you had new best friends who hung out with you like glue.  There were a lot of tourists on the hillside all waiting for the sun to go down.

Thu Thu engaged these young boys in conversation.  She told them to speak in English to me.

Sunset photos, unfortunately, not like the ones you see in the travel guides




It was a great and memorable excursion!   We drove back to the Sanctuary Ananda tired and ready for our dinner.

Look for the next post at the local vegetable and fish market.













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  1. I really just going on your fantastic photos and commentary. I am much impressed with your selections and wonderful photographic results. I still have many many more to see learn about and enjoy. Thank you,

    Mary Lou


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