Lunchtime was always a highlight of the day.  You never knew what was coming only that it would be delicious and there would be many choices.  In this post, I wanted to give you a virtual taste of one of the lunches we had.  I asked the chef in advance if I could come into the dining room early and take photos and he graciously allowed me to take all the pictures I wanted.

A few days before, I had taken photos of the dining room so I will also let you take a peek at the delightfully cheerful dining room.  I especially loved sitting by the window in the morning as we sailed along, the sunlight reflecting off the river.

The Dining Room

The comfortable seating and colorful umbrellas added to the cozy atmosphere


Our favorite breakfast place by the window

Luncheon – A Variety of Delicious Dishes

Papaya and always honeydew melon, and watermelon
The fresh pineapple was oh so sweet!
Dragon fruit – we had the red variety, too
Salad bar – also available at breakfast

There were always at least three or four unique salad combinations.  I especially liked the ones with the added nuts.

Thai spicy green papaya salad
Spicy green bean salad with coconut dressing
Spicy egg and sea bass salad

Main courses – always choices of seafood, vegetable, and meat dishes plus white rice and a nontypical rice dish.

Stir-fried rice vermicelli
Grilled chicken in a white cream sauce and steamed sea bass with chili lime sauce
Chickpeas with lentils and vegetables in coconut masala
Stir-fried eggplant with soybeans and basils
Fried soft-shelled crab – yummy!
Indian vegetable biryani
Always freshly baked bread

We loved the dessert as it is not something we eat on a daily basis.  So many wonderful home-made treats –  creme brulees and little custard dishes.  I didn’t take a photo but there were always several kinds of cheeses and ship-made crackers along with all the different desserts.

Apple fritters with white chocolate sauce
Delectable little coconut cakes – I think I had two!
It was all set up attractively in the middle of the dining room

The chef and the waiters were extremely friendly and the service was amazing.  The chef was very flexible and would make any special dish you wanted.  Breakfast was a buffet with a menu of specialty eggs cooked to order, hot cereals, and Asian dishes. Lunch was buffet style and dinner was sit down with a menu that usually included several choices from each category. Cocktails and specialty coffee drinks were available from the bar anytime. All in all, if you didn’t get enough to eat it was your fault.  I know I did as the scales told me so when I came home!





4 thoughts

  1. Dianne….You are amazing!!! Do you study up on the places you travel to before you get there?? How do you know the names of everything. Are they in the guidebooks or do you have to ask people to spell things for you??? You do an amazing job and bring these far off places right in our computers so we can see they are just regular people in a different location and eat differently but pretty much a lot of the things we are familiar with only with different combinations and different names but all look good. You are certainly educating your home-travelers with so much great information that I think we would love to travel along with you and that’s exactly what you are doing. Taling us along for the ride. Thanks for the effort and the beautiful pictures. I’m sure you could make some $$$ selling to vacation magazines. Love you and look forward to all that you send us. Judy


  2. The food all looks so yummy!!!! Would love to try some of these dishes, especially the desserts.
    Love – Jeanne


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