This was our last excursion and very well handled by the Sanctuary Ananda staff.  We really enjoyed our boat ride which was a lovely ending to a spectacular day.

Dinner that night was not until 8:30 pm as we were to be entertained with a puppet show in the main lounge and then we would all be eating our last dinner together.

Puppet Show

We all met up in the Kansi Panorama Lounge and were then presented with a puppet show.  It was all in the Myanmar language but you could figure out what was happening by the action.  Here are a few photos.  The lighting and movement interfered with my photography.

Star puppet of the story
Main puppeteer and his student
They told a story with the one student pretending to be a puppet

With the puppet show over, all the passengers made their way toward the dining room.  Shawn and I were the first ones there so we sat on the end of the long table.  Several of the Australians sat across and next to us.  It was nice to finally get to know them and I discovered I had a lot in common with the lady sitting next to me.  We had traveled to a lot of the same places.  It was such an enjoyable evening that I was sorry we didn’t have an opportunity to get to know everyone before the last night.

The last meal was wonderful and presented in a delectable manner.  I was too busy talking to take too many photos but here is one of the appetizer and one of the dessert.

Pescatarian appetizer
Shawn’s dessert – Baily’s Irish ice cream with cream-filled macaroons topped with spun sugar

Shawn and I had to return to our cabin and finish packing as we were the first ones to leave in the morning.  We had made previous arrangements to have a two-day tour in Inle Lake and our driver was coming early to take us to the airport.

The sunset that evening was the most beautiful of the whole cruise.  Once we were in Bagan, the weather was a lot better and we had sunny days and less cloudy evenings and without a doubt, this was a magnificent sunset!




We got up in good time and ate breakfast and our driver was already waiting for us.  We walked through the dining room and said goodbye to everyone, hugged our guide and shook hands with the cruise director. No problems getting to the airport but a good chance to see more of Mandalay.  The airport was about an hour away.  Our driver helped us into the airport with our luggage and then this young man took over from there (not sure if he was connected to our tour or not). He was very nice and took care of getting our boarding passes and making sure our luggage was going to the right place.

All we had to do was get to the gate and wait to board.  Our flight actually left almost on time.  It was only an hour flight and we were given breakfast on the way.

My next post will give you an idea of what some of the rooms on the boat looked like and then I will continue with our vacation story.



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  1. Hi Dear, Not so sure about the food and I guess I would try a tiny bite to see if I liked it before digging in. It looks so different but as you know I’m pretty much meat and potatoes. Altho I’ve learned to like a lot of interesting dishes over time. The sunset was spectacular. All the photos of it , each one better than the last. Pure gold. Great job!!!!


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