Just a few details about the Sanctuary Ananda:  The Sanctuary Ananda’s decor is an original Burmese design with contemporary chic. There are 21 spacious cabins each with a private balcony (which we enjoyed very much).  We were upgraded to the next level and it was a very nice level from which to take photos. There was a sun deck in the front of the boat but we hardly went there because it was always very windy.  The sun deck included a plunge pool and comfortable chairs to enjoy the scenery.  The sun deck led into the Kansi Panorama Lounge.

Kansi Panoramic Lounge

The brightly decorated lounge where most of the lectures and entertainment took place
The barman made cocktails and popular coffee drinks at any time of the day
Private seatings in the lounge


Every room had air conditioning, TV (which we never looked at), wifi connections in all cabins and public areas.

Executive bedroom

Our cabin was similar to this but with two beds, a desk and a wardrobe.  There were lots of drawers and places to put your things.  The beds were made up with Egyptian cotton sheets.  The local artwork was exhibited in the cabins and throughout the boat and very much appreciated by the passengers.

Back Deck

Shawn and I spent some time on the back deck because it was so close to our cabin.  From the back deck, you could go down the stairs and then you were in the dining room. We took a lot of photos from this deck – even on a rainy day, it was well-protected.  The group from Australia had their breakfast served up on this deck several times.


Back deck seating

That was the end of my inside photos.  There was a spa but since the prices were about the same as in the USA, I was able to pass it up.  I was disappointed that there was not a gym.  I guess they had one in the past but it was taken over by the spa.  Other guests missed it as well since they spent time running up and down the stairs for exercise.

All in all, it was a very nicely themed decor throughout the riverboat and every area was cozy and comfortable.  The service at all times was excellent and the staff extremely friendly.



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  1. I love how everything is so colorful. What a lovely place to stay – i hope it was also comfy and the food was good.


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