On the Way to Villa Inle Resort and Spa

After our visits to the various workshops, it was late afternoon and we headed toward the Villa Inle Resort.  The resort is located in the eastern fringe of the lake amidst luscious greenery and rolling mountains.

The resort was about 30 minutes from the village where we were visiting workshops.  Along the way, the boat meandered through more of the village and we enjoyed seeing the houses and buildings.


I thought the roof was kind of strange
This huge red house stood out
Village school
Village school
Floating mailbox – I remember we passed the post office on our way out of the village

At the Villa Inle Resort

We finally arrived at the waterway which led to the Villa Inle Resort.  We glided into the dock in front of the resort.  We were met by the resort receptionist who took our passport information and then we were shown to our villa.  It was very quiet and we didn’t see many guests or staff. Later, we strolled around the grounds. There was a huge dining room and we planned to go there for dinner.  There was also a spa and swimming pool on the property.  It was all lush with various kinds of vegetation.

Walkway from the dock with egrets enjoying the day
Water buffalo grazing by the walkway – we only saw them this one time and never saw them grazing here again
This photo was taken from the front steps of the resort looking back toward the lake
Pathway to the villa
Lilypond with a few lotus flowers blooming
We passed by this jackfruit tree
Our villa
Inside the villa
Sitting area
We saw many of these Asian Openbill birds.  They frequent the wetlands of Asian countries.
These birds were all around but had disappeared by the time we were settled and wanting to take better photos
Lotus flower – blooming in the wild
There were several houses all grouped together on the edge of the resort.  I saw this young boy and woman rowing up the narrow waterway toward the houses.
Lots of birds in front of our villa.  Those containers on the side had plants growing in them.  I think they were just set up as a barrier to the property.
The bamboo sticks hold the floating gardens in place.  We saw more floating gardens on the way out the next day.

After we finished exploring the grounds, I decided to have a massage at the spa so I called and had it set up for 8 pm but changed my mind for an earlier time.  Shawn had a pretty bad sunburn from our lake excursion even though there was no sun the whole .time.  We called and asked if they had anything for sunburns but I don’t think they understood.  They sent over some ointment that smelled like Vick’s Vapor Rub.  Needless to say, we didn’t think it would help.  Shawn was sure to cover up the next day sun or no sun.  I went for my massage at around 7 pm. It was dark outside so I carried a flashlight.  I had figured out earlier where the spa was located so I didn’t have any problems in the dark. It was an excellent massage and I was glad that I went.  It was a good price – only $40 for the hour.  Well worth it!

When I returned, Shawn was in bed and too tired to go to dinner.  After my massage, I was also too tired to go out.  We had been up since 5 am and were exhausted! I set the alarm and pulled the mosquito netting around the bed and went to sleep!


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