In the Beginning

Our road trip along the Oregon coast began in Crescent City, California.  After thinking it over, we decided not to drive through California, but to fly to Oakland and then take a flight to Crescent City, rent a car and go from there. The day before we left we were both stressed out, because I didn’t take into account that we had two separate flights and had to get our baggage in Oakland and then recheck with our the next flight on Contour Airlines ( I had never heard of them). We were afraid we would miss our connecting flight not having enough time to do everything.  Lucky for us, we had upfront seats on Southwest and were able to get off quickly and the TSA in Oakland was not busy at all. We sailed right through and had no problem making our connection.

Once we were in Crescent City, we picked up our rental car.  It wasn’t the car we asked for and also there was no way to make the seat higher, so I had to sit on Shawn’s jacket and am still sitting on it to drive.  Although, it is a crummy car, we are making do and getting around as best we can.

It was 2 pm and we were able to check into our hotel, The Lighthouse Inn.  In some ways, it was right out of the 80’s, but the room was huge and there was a great jacuzzi bathtub and shower.  We decided to find something to eat and checked out the supposedly best restaurant in town called the Seaquake Brewery. There was a wait of 35 minutes. We stayed in our car because it was too cold to wait outside.  We had the fish and chips which were all right for eating, but nothing special. We returned to our hotel after eating to take a rest as we had been up since 4:30 am.  Summoning up some energy, we went to Battery Point Lighthouse Beach.  There were quite a few tourists as the parking lot was full. It was a very interesting spot with a picturesque lighthouse on top of the hill and a rocky beach below. It was low tide so no problem getting up to the lighthouse, but I decided from then on I needed to wear sneakers and not sandals on those rocky beaches.

Many people were enjoying the nearby tide pools but we didn’t stop as we headed up the hill to see the lighthouse.  It was difficult getting a good shot of the lighthouse as I didn’t have a wide angle lens with me.  I loved the odd-shaped trees along the way and at the top where the lighthouse was.  Hanging off the largest tree was a collection of buoys. We meandered back down the hill and returned to our hotel.

Next up: Gold Beach and the Ride on the Rogue River

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  1. Hi Dianne Jeanne and I are finishing getting ready for our trip to Ohio and NY. We leave Tuesday morn and will sty 1 nite in Birmingham AL and 2 nites in Louisiville KY and then get to Jenie’s the next nite. Don’t know if I’ll get out computer till I get to Jen’s be will follow you. Watch out for fires !!!!! Much love Judy


  2. I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing!

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