Gold Beach

We arrived in Gold Beach after a 11/2 hour ride.  Just a bit about the town of Gold Beach – It was named after the gold-laden sands that were mined in the 1950s. It is also well known for the Rogue estuary and by the turn of the 20th century, it became famous for the salmon it shipped out around the country. The river’s reputation was also enhanced by the novelist, Zane Grey in many of his books and writings.

It was early in the morning and we found one restaurant open for breakfast – The Double D.  It was pretty much filled with a lot of local folk as well as some fascinating posters about welcoming anyone carrying guns. We noticed that neither servers nor customers were wearing masks and that seemed to be normalized all along the coast and most cities we visited in Oregon.  One thing I found interesting is that every restaurant we visited had biscuits and gravy on their menus. I thought that was a Southern food, but evidently it is very much a featured item in Oregon restaurants.  Most of the biscuits I ate were very good!

Jerry’s Rogue Jets

By the time we finished breakfast, it was time to go to Jerry’s Rogue Jets where I had previously booked a ride on the Rogue River. I picked the one boat I thought would be a smooth ride and not splash us very much – the mail boat. Shawn and I sat up front in the second row. I sat on the outside so I could see and take photos of the beautiful scenery passing by.  Harbor seals were the first animal life we saw on the river.  There were a group of them sunning themselves on the edge of the river. We made a quick turn around and went under the Rogue River Bridge, a seven span arch bridge.  It was the most advanced concrete bridge in America when it was built and completed in 1931.

We saw Osprey and their nests high up in the trees, bald eagles, river mink, turkey vultures and blue herons. It was a beautiful sunny day and for the most part a lovely trip.  The pilot’s  commentary on the flora and fauna along the way was interesting. We stopped along the river for lunch in Agness at the Cougar Lane Lodge.

The only downside to our boat ride was when the pilot decided to spin the boat, which he did numerous times.  You had to hang on tight and the water splashed over the sides of the boat.  I was soaked at the beginning of the trip – needless to say, it put a damper on the trip for me. We weren’t often warned in advance so both Shawn and I had a difficult time protecting our cameras. I did have a rain hood for mine and Shawn had a plastic bag. I finally learned to duck down low and hang on tight while shielding my camera from the splashing.  I guess the pilot tried to make the ride exciting and I am sure the kids and some adults loved it, but it wasn’t fun for us or our cameras.

The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge, known as the Rogue River Bridge, is a concrete arch bridge completed in 1931.
Historic shipwrecked Mary D. Hume holds the record for the longest serving vessel on the Pacific Coast. It was built in 1881. It served as a steamboat, an arctic whaling vessel and ended its days as a tugboat. It was retired here in 1978 where it sadly rots away on the riverbank.
Mailboat tour boat which still delivers the mail every day.
Scenes Along the Rogue River  
Harbor seals along the Rogue River bank

Fireweed – member of the evening primrose family and highly toxic.
Reflections in the water
These men were with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and were counting the fish – gathering them in these large nets.
Turkey Vultures looking for lunch.
Osprey sitting on a dead tree
Osprey carrying something with his claws
Boats tied up at the dock waiting for their passengers to finish lunch
We ate lunch here.
Returning and passing under the bridge once more.

Completing our boat ride, we went to the Best Western’s SureStay Plus Hotel  and checked in.  Our room faced  a field with a path through to the beach.  Later that afternoon we walked down to the beach.  It was extremely windy and not a lot to see.  It was sooo windy and cold, we didn’t stay very long.

Driftwood on the beach
Gold Beach behind our hotel
In front of our room were beautiful hydrangeas. We saw a lot of them in many colors throughout our trip.
We watched the sunset, took some photos and went to bed early.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s seemed to be an exciting first day!

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  2. Hi Dianne UP here in Ohio. All OK. Beautiful pictures. I learn something everytime you go on a trip. The summary you write is just as engaging as the interesting pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. You take such wonderful pictures that capture the beauty of OR coast so well. Thanks for sharing your adventures!


  4. Sounds like a fun boat ride minus the splashes!!

    On Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 8:04 PM Dianne’s Travel Adventures wrote:

    > Dianne posted: “We arrived in Gold Beach after a 11/2 hour ride. It was > early in the morning and we found one restaurant open for breakfast – The > Double D. It was pretty much filled with a lot of local folk as well as > some fascinating posters about welcoming ” >


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