Myers Creek Beach

After one night in Gold Beach, we were on the road again back to Brookings.  There is so much to see along the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor and we were excited to see all that we could. Our first stop was the Myers Creek Beach. Thank goodness it was a sunny morning and not too much mist to hide the beauty of the rocks and ocean.

Natural Bridges Cove

Our next scenic sight was Natural Bridges Cove.  We saw it from the above viewpoint, although there was a trail leading down but it was very steep, so we didn’t try it.

Thomas Creek Bridge

The Thomas Creek Bridge is the highest bridge in Oregon  and has been used in many television commercials. When we were there it was very misty, so the photo looks like the bridge is disappearing into the mist.

Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint

Not far away from Thomas Creek Bridge is the Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint.  I especially liked this area because of the spooky trees and the flowers I found there.

Walking along a path, I passed through some trees and there were several of these beautiful flowers – just waiting to be photographed!
Dark pink bells found in several areas along Oregon’s southern coast.
A type of Queen Ann’s Lace

We saw a lot of these spooky-looking conifer trees with their long twisting branches.

Our coastal journey is a bit crazy. When we started making plans and looking for hotels along the way, it was difficult finding available bookings.  Consequently, we had to take what we could get in another town along the coast.  We flew into Crescent City, California, rented a car and stayed one night there. Then we went on to Gold Beach for our second night and back to Brookings for our third night and then to Eugene via Florence for the next night.  From there, we drove to Forest Grove for a visit with my sister and her husband. We spent two nights in Forest Grove and one of those days we went to Astoria, the northern most city along the coast. Presently, as I am writing this , we are driving down the coast visiting many of the sights along the way. I will include a map of our journey at the end of the blog.

The next posting will be about Brookings, where we spent our third night.

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