Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua, located in the Siuslaw National Forest, is a scenic area with 2,700 acres of old-growth forests that stretch along the Pacific Coast. It was named Cape Perpetua after a high headland was sighted by the English explorer, Captain Cook on St. Perpetua’s Day, 1778. (St. Perpetua was a martyred Roman Christian noblewoman who refused to renounce her faith and was condemned to death.) The Cape Perpetua lookout is an eight-hundred-foot-high viewpoint.

We got up before the sun rose to travel toward Florence and to see various sights along the way. Our first stop was an overview where we could see the rocks hugging the coast. We then drove into the forests and up towards the Cape Perpetual lookout.  It was quite a long drive, but interesting to see the sometimes strange forest trees. Finally arriving at the very top, we discovered we were the only ones there. On a clear day, you can see up to seventy miles of coastline and on a grey day, not so much!  The haze was so thick, it was sometimes hard to see even as we were climbing up through the forest.  For me, the most fun was watching the sun light up the forests around us.

Coastal rocks seen before going up to Cape Perpetual Lookout.

You can see that the fog was dense at the ground level as well as at the top of the mountain.
Driving through the old-growth trees.

View from the top looking down at the coast – lots of fog.
Some parts beginning to clear.
Looking out over the nearby forests and mountains.

There was a stone barrier at the top.  You can see the strip of sun coming through.
Hard to describe the beauty of the sun as it looked like a bright star coming through the trees.
The sun was streaming through the forest.


Goodby Cape Perpetua – on our way to Heceta Head Light, viewpoint and beach.


8 thoughts

  1. The sunlight through the trees is Amazing! Wow!

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  2. Very beautiful and so high up. The sunlite pictures are fascinating and really show how high up you were. Great shoots Dianne and Shawn. !!!!


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