Cape Creek Bridge

Cape Creek Bridge is a unique concrete bridge designed to look like a roman aqueduct with multiple levels of arches. The bridge was built in 1932 by Conde Balcom McCullough.  It is positioned just south of the Heceta Head Lighthouse and is one of the most photographed bridges in Oregon. A small creek runs underneath the bridge and flows into the Pacific Ocean. You can walk the trail from below the bridge to the Heceta Head Lighthouse Scenic Viewpoint.

Views of the beach, the bridge and the caretaker’s home:

View of the lighthouse caretaker’s home seen from the beach. It is a bed and breakfast and also has a gift shop. It was closed when we were there.
Trail to the Heceta Lighthouse

The following photos were taken as we walked up the trail to the lighthouse.

Great Burdock

Hanging moss on the trees.

Red fire fern
Heceta Head Light Viewpoint
The Heceta Lighthouse

There was a path next to the lighthouse which led upward where you could look down below, and also take a photo of just the lighthouse tower. Because of the fog, you couldn’t really see much beyond the tower itself.  Shawn went up first and I followed later after taking pictures of the nearby plants.

Fuchsia rose

A variety of Queen Ann’s Lace.
Lighthouse tower from the top. Nothing to be seen beyond the tower, as the fog made it impossible.


It was an interesting trail and viewpoint with lots of photos to take and despite the mist, we had fun trying to get some great shots!




5 thoughts

  1. What a fun and relaxing day with some great photos of the plant life and the bridge!

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    Financial Advisor
    Portfolio Management Director
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    1. Hi, Norbert. It was a great trail walk and the scenery was beautiful. Not sure if it was a relaxing day as we were on the move toward Florence and then Brookings. Thanks so much for your comments! Dianne


  2. As usual your pictures are excellent and show the smallest details!!! Of course, I especially loved the flowers, but the scenic ones were great too. You two must have lost pounds with all the ups and downs and trails you covered. Thank you for a fascinating and beautiful travel-log. There must be a market for such great pictures and reviews !!!!


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