Arrival into Brookings

We arrived into Brooking about 3 o’clock.  We went to the lobby to see if we could check in early but were told we had to wait because some of the staff had not come in and the rooms were not ready.  We had some of their free drinks and sat in the lobby for a while.  A whole group of motorcycle riders came barreling in also wanting to check in and were told the same thing.  It was getting close to 4:30 so we thought to go to the Fat Irish Kitchen and Pub for dinner which was close to the hotel.  We figured the room should be ready by then.  It was pretty packed with people inside and out.  Shawn had Irish Stew and I had fish and chips.  By the time we finished it was about 5:30 so we headed back to the hotel.  Our room was very close by to the hotel lobby and dining area.  It was on the second floor and we looked out onto the beach.  We really couldn’t see the sun going down from our window, but enjoyed watching the people walk along the beach.

Beach at Brookings – seen from the Beachfront Inn.

The next morning we got up early to eat breakfast and then went to see some of the beaches sites we  didn’t see the first time. Breakfast was your basic grab and go, so we got a few things to eat along the way.

Lone Ranch Beach

We arrived at Lone Ranch Beach and there was quite a bit of vegetation before you get to the beach, so I found some interesting plants to photograph.

This plant is called, mullein. Thanks to my sister, Lisa who told me the name. It can be used for medicinal purposes.
Mullein – when it is blooming.

There was a little woods off to the side so we followed the path and came out where we started.


Next Post – Whaleshead Beach

6 thoughts

  1. The name of the first plant you photographed is Mullein, a plant with medicinal properties. When you came to visit Jack and I when we lived in CT, we went for a walk and found a whole field of it. I remember you taking photos of it then. I even have some growing in my back yard near the woods, but I usually pull it up. It’s fun to follow paths… Enjoyed your post.


    1. Hi, Lisa Yes, I do remember finding that plant when we went on a walk. Thanks for the name. If you know the names of any more that I show, please let me know. I try to research but sometimes can not find the name. Glad you enjoyed the post!


  2. Thanks for doing this blog – I enjoy it immensely and hope for some greeting cards in the future….I can let you know the pix I especially like. Dont work too hard!


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