Chetco Point Park

Chetco Point Park is a beautiful oceanside park in the heart of Brookings.  Unfortunately for us, more fog spoiled the great views.  As we arrived to the parking area near the water treatment plant, we saw a family of deer enjoying their breakfast alongside the road.  As I jumped out to take photos, I saw another person doing the same.  The deer finally wandered off and we chatted with the lady taking the pictures.  She was a resident and filled us in on what could be seen at the park. In spite of the fog, we enjoyed the walk and could see it was a very interesting area with a trail that led down to the beach.  We heard the views along the trail were amazing but with so much fog, we decided to stay on the paved path.

Oh, Deer!

A Walk in the Park
Weird-looking tree
Blackberries and flowers as we walked down the path
There was a trail leading up to the mountain.

A face carved into the rock.
Windblown tree

Next Brooking sight was the Azalea Park

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  1. Some great photos in spite of the fog! That face on the rocks is interesting!

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