Brandon Marsh

The Brandon Marsh Refuge was established in 1983 and is located near the mouth of the Coquille River and the city of Bandon.  The Bandon Marsh protects a large tract of salt marsh, mudflats and riverbank communities. These provides resting and feeding areas for migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds and raptors.

We arrived at the marsh early on an overcast morning.  It was a huge expanse of muddy waters with flocks of birds darting here and there, hunting for something to eat.  All the birds were in the distance and there was really no way to get close to them.  So we stood at the edge and took photos from where we were.

We saw these strange white markings on this dead tree trunk. Not sure what they were.

On our way back to the car we went through a small grove of trees.  There was quite a bit of hanging moss as well as several  sparkling cobwebs.

Coquille Point

Coquille Point is the mainland section of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the only portion of the Oregon offshore islands that is open to the public. Perched on a picturesque cliff, Coquille Point overlooks a serene sandy beach and numerous sea stacks.  It is a fantastic vantage point for observing seabirds and marine animals. When we were there the tide was low and we walked down the 150 wooden stairs to the beach. We didn’t see any marine animals, but there were many kinds of birds coming and going on the beach.

Mussels shells tangled up with seaweed.

I had fun watching this bird and seeing how close I could get.
Seaweed dredged up from the ocean.
Weird looking pile of driftwood.

Shawn sitting in front of a large scale puffin sculpture that has been placed at Coquille Point.

Next up:  Somewhat sad visit to a local wildlife park.

4 thoughts

  1. Lovely pictures as usual! Especially like the one of Shawn and his red friend! Aren’t you glad to be home rather up here in the rainy weather?


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