Last Afternoon in Bandon, Oregon

It was our last afternoon in Bandon and we had done all that we had planned to do.  We then decided, on the spur of the moment, to visit the West Coast Game Park.  We looked at some brochures in our hotel and thought it would be interesting and fun to take pictures there.  The Game Park was easy to find on Highway 101.  We walked into the small gift shop and bought our tickets which were $20 a piece.  We also bought a small bag of food to feed the animals.  The minute we walked through the gate, we were surrounded by goats, donkeys, deer and peacocks and our food was gone in minutes.  That was probably the best part of the game park.  The rest was pretty sad and by the end of our visit, we were sorry that we had paid money to support such a wildlife exhibit.  The larger, wild animals were kept in cages and for the most part seemed inactive and unengaged. It didn’t take that long to walk through the whole park.  We were pretty disappointed as The West Coast Game park did not live up to our expectations.  We did take advantage of our time and took some interesting photos.

Herd of deer that followed the people all around as they walked through the park.
Not sure what these sheep were doing – it looks like they are peeking through the bamboo fence, but perhaps they are just scratching their heads on the fence.
Billy Goat
Sad looking chimp looking out of his cage.

Lonely looking leopard

Brown Bear taking a snooze.
Colorful peacock
More peacocks

Majestic lion

Although, we enjoyed taking photos, it was hard not to feel sad for the animals living their lives in a cage.

By the time we left, it was late afternoon so we returned to our hotel and began packing up.  We were leaving early the next morning to return to Crescent City, where we would stay overnight and take a plane the next morning.

Last Post – Redwoods National park and goodby Crescent City



5 thoughts

  1. Great photos, Dianne! Sorry to learn the park was not up to par. I’m going to forward this to my daughters so they can show their children the animal photos. The younger ones might really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

    Love you, Lisa



  2. That bear is so cute…. at a distance of course! 😊

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