Vegetarian Cooking Class

This morning, our second to last day in Oaxaca, we were going to learn how to make Mexican vegetarian food.  We got up early and walked to the class.  We arrived early at a restaurant and were asked to sit in the back and wait for our chef.  The cooking experience was developed by a project called “@Etnofood which is a social platform that works with young people from different communities in Oaxaca to promote good, clean, and fair food”. Our chef, Martin, arrived on time and we were taken upstairs to a kitchen on one side and a working area on the other. We were surprised when another person joined us because we thought we were the only students.  The other person was Greg.  He was from London and was traveling with his girlfriend who was taking a Spanish class.  Greg’s main interest was food preparation in different cultures. He had a lively personality and was always ready with a joke. Martin talked to us about the program and himself and then asked us questions about our cooking experiences.

After the discussion session, we gathered up our cameras and followed Martin to a few small, local markets and then to a much larger market.  We took some photos as we walked along and in the markets. It seemed like we walked a long time gathering the ingredients for our meal but we finally finished and went back to the cooking place above the restaurant.

This is Martin, our chef, in one of the small local markets buying some vegetables.
Different varieties of lettuce.
Carambola or Star Fruit
Prickly pear cactus fruit
Bunches of herbs hanging in the market.
Decorations outside the marketplace.
Street art outside the market.
Cooking and Preparing Our Vegetarian Lunch

He took us to the very small kitchen and we all washed our hands and lower arms thoroughly.  There was a cook in the kitchen so I guess he was helping us or working for the restaurant downstairs.  Martin set us to work right away doing different tasks.

Vegetables and fruit bought at the market.
Stirring the rice.
Shawn making tortillas.
Putting cheese on the cooked tortillas.
Cooking tortillas and cheese on a grill.
Mole ingredients – onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and Spanish peanuts.
Shawn stirring and stirring and stirring the mole ingredients.
Oyster mushrooms and pomegranate seeds. The mushrooms were fried in the air fryer and the pomegranates were put in the salad.
Greg – putting the salad together.
Martin making a smoothie for lunch.
The chef made the salsa. It was rather spicy but good with the tortillas.

We all enjoyed ourselves – prepping and cooking.  It was a lovely day so we ate outside on the patio. The best dish was the peanut mole, unfortunately, I did not see the chef blend it all up in the blender. The fruit and some of the vegetables went into the salad. The fried mushrooms were crispy and delicious and the tortillas and cheese were also very tasty especially dipped into the spicy salsa.

Salad with several varieties of herbs ad lettuce, fruit, and vegetables.
Fried oyster mushrooms and cooked squash.
The peanut mole was the best one I ate in Oaxaca.
Tortillas with cheese ad then you spooned anything you wanted onto it.

The lunch was delicious and very healthy and everyone enjoyed the cooking experience. It helped to enrich our Oaxaca adventure.


Next Post – Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca and a bit more



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  1. This blog is an amazing collection of fantstic pictures and commentary to compleiment it all. Wonderful panaramic of Oaxaca!!!! Superb presentation of colorful pictures and eruidite commentary!!!! A+


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