Cultural Museum of Oaxaca

The museum, which was once a convent, adjoins the Santo Domingo Church.  The museum has 14 permanent exhibition rooms and 13 thematic rooms.  We only saw three rooms and it seemed as if most of the exhibition rooms were closed when we were there.  The most outstanding feature is the architecture with the many unusual windows which looked out over the surrounding landscape. One interesting room was the “Treasure of Tomb 7”, a showcase of delicate gold jewelry, precious stones, carved bone, and some Precolombian pottery found in a Monte Alban tomb. The museum has been declared a place of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization.

The museum is on the left side of the photo. You can see the line of people waiting to enter.
Touring the Museum

The cultural museum was on the left side of the church. That morning was the day before we left and we wanted to make sure we got to see the museum, so we got up early, took a taxi, and went to the museum.  It didn’t open until 9 am and it was just 7:30.  We walked down a few streets to find a restaurant that was serving breakfast.  Shawn found one on his best 10 restaurant list and it was close by. It was an interesting little place and the food was good.

We returned to the museum and got in line.  They only allow so many people in at one time.  Shawn went to see the inside of the church while I held our place. A gentleman and his wife were in front of us.  They were enjoying their visit to Oaxaca and had some relatives with them, so it was quite a big group.  We talked about traveling and what we had seen in Oaxaca.  Shawn finally came back and in just a few minutes we entered the museum.

Shawn in front of the courtyard.

One of the long halls on the first level. Interesting ceiling.
The Library was one of the first rooms we entered. It was showing an exhibition of the dresses worn by the nobility of that period. You can see all the books on the shelves in this photo and in the next ones.

Sun shining in the window created the pattern on the floor.
We passed through an entrance hall with this beautifully decorated ceiling.
Walking along through the long halls, we looked out and saw this scene – part of the building and part of the botanical gardens.

The next room we entered is devoted to the treasures from Tomb 7 at Monte Alban. The artifacts date from the 14th century and were discovered in 1932.

Precolombian pottery figure.
Gold mask from the Precolombian period.
Delicate gold necklace
Human skull covered in turquoise and gold.
Beautiful scene from one of the open windows in the Tomb 7 room. It looks like a painting.
This passage had numerous arched openings.

A closer look at the botanical gardens from above.
Santo Domingo Church spire is seen from the top floor.
Corner rest stop with a lovely view behind.
Stairs to the next level.
Beautiful, decorated ceilings

Another view of the gardens from the top.
Lovely close-up view of the steeple.
Courtyard, two levels, and the steeples. There was only one place to stand to get this picture.


What a fabulous place for photos!  We both enjoyed our visit to the Cultural Museum and were glad we persevered in going.

Last post coming up and goodbye Oaxaca City, Mexica


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